Design (LLD) File System - Machine Coding

Design (LLD) File System - Machine Coding

Feature Required

  1. Data Structures for Storage Management:

    • Implementing appropriate data structures like B-trees or indexed allocation methods for efficient storage and retrieval of files.

    • Designing structures for metadata storage (file attributes, permissions, timestamps) to facilitate quick access and modification.

  2. Allocation Strategies:

    • Defining allocation strategies for disk space (e.g., contiguous, linked, indexed) to optimize storage efficiency and reduce fragmentation.

    • Handling file growth and shrinkage dynamically while maintaining performance.

  3. Error Handling and Recovery:

    • Incorporating mechanisms for error detection and recovery to ensure data integrity in case of system crashes or failures.

    • Implementing journaling or logging mechanisms to track changes and facilitate rollback in case of failures.

  4. Concurrency Control:

    • Managing concurrent access to the file system to avoid data corruption or inconsistencies.

    • Implementing locking mechanisms or transactional support to handle multiple users or processes accessing the file system simultaneously.

  5. Security and Access Control:

    • Integrating mechanisms for access control (permissions, ownership) to protect files and directories from unauthorized access.

    • Ensuring robust security measures to prevent data breaches or unauthorized modifications.

  6. Performance Optimization:

    • Optimizing file access operations (read, write, delete) for speed and efficiency.

    • Minimizing overhead and latency in file system operations through efficient algorithms and caching mechanisms.

  7. Scalability and Extensibility:

    • Designing the file system to be scalable as storage needs grow over time.

    • Allowing for easy extension or modification of features without disrupting existing functionalities.


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